For the WFFC France 2024 organisers, this WFFC France 2024 must strike the perfect balance between organising an international-level competition with the high standards that this implies, and respecting the natural environment in which it will be held. 

We believe that this meeting, the shared emotions and the transmission of knowledge will continue to rise above the inevitable evolution of our societies and our passion. So we want to refocus on these essential values of sharing and passing on knowledge, with all the diversity that nature has to offer as a support. To ensure the future of our passion, we are choosing to defend a harmonious combination of environmental constraints and the traditional values of fly fishing, adapted to the rules of top-level competition.

We have therefore put the focus on a number of specific actions, both before and during the event. These will be detailed as they are implemented. All of these actions, coupled with the specific authorisations and demands of organising such a large-scale event in a sensitive area (mountains, aquatic environments), are part of our ambition to be a member of the charter of 15 eco-responsible commitments proposed by the French Ministry of Sport.

More broadly, our approach has been built around three pillars :


A modern, eco-responsible approach to fly fishing and the organisation of sporting events.


Promote the natural heritage of our competition sites and the traditional heritage of our host valleys.

Raising awareness

Educate anglers, those accompanying them and the general public about the challenges of protecting the environment and the positive actions that can be taken.

Our ambition is up to the challenge. The vision that drives us and unites us in this WFFC France 2024 is reflected throughout the entire process of creating this championship. We want it to be exceptional not only in terms of the competition, but also in terms of its eco-responsibility. Our ambition is that it will truly serve as an example in the longer term.

Let us now guide you through the sections that present the natural environment, the protection issues, and the actions and measures planned for this championship.

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